Ashley & Rheannon Mittagong Wedding


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Tears. Every wedding has them.
Usually it’s Dad when he sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress, other times it’s the vows, and often it’s the hilarious best man speeches at the reception (I’m talking crying from laughter too…)  But with every wedding, at some stage, you can pretty much guarantee there’ll be tears.  And that’s what I love about this gig – the beautiful raw outpouring of emotion.

When Rheannon, a brilliant wedding florist from Coogee got in touch with me, ( if you’re looking for an amazing, passionate florist!)  and said “Tim, I’m going all out, it’s gonna be EPIC”, I knew this could well be the most amazing thing I’ve ever had the fortune to photograph. With her crazy preparation Instagram posts, we at Tim Hannah Sydney were all salivating by the time the wedding week arrived, I can assure you!

So when the week finally did came around, Mother Nature had been having her own outpouring of tears, and rain was pretty much forecast non-stop right through the week leading up, and the weekend. I felt awful for Rhe, knowing how much trouble she’d gone to, but as it always does (well, not always…) Saturday cleared up and turned into a beautiful day and it all came together at the last hurrah.

And what a hurrah it was.

When there’s a coolroom and a small army of helpers just for the flowers, you know it’s gonna be off the hook. It was amazing. There were colour coded sectioned tables at the reception (coloured with massive arrangements of flowers that all blended from one to the other, ultimately revealing a rainbow of colour through the marquee. And that was just the beginning!

But you know what – again, it’s not really what I remember about Ash and Rhe’s day. I mean, I remember all of that stuff, but what really sticks in my mind are the moments.

The tears.  The no-holds-barred ugly-cry at the ceremony, as Rhe confessed her unwavering love for her man, and how we all got to witness it first hand. And the beautiful speeches at the reception. Again, not a dry eye in the house.



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Rheannon Hill 22:17 April 12, 2017 Reply
Tim!!!! You left us speechless, you are amazing and we can not recommend you enough. I pass on your details to everyone who mentions a future wedding. You were behind the scenes and you captured such precious moments and we couldn't be more in love with our photos if we tried!!! Thank you for being so amazing and going above and beyond for us. We will forever be grateful xxxxx You made everything so easy and smooth sailing through out the entire process. Thank you for EVERYTHING you did, you are one talented man. Thank you again. \ Love Ash & Rhe

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