Paul & Jess Belgenny Farm
When Jess & Paul got in touch with me to shoot their beautiful day in Camden, I knew this was gonna be something extra special. They've got a gorgeous little 2 year old boy, and well, I've got an almighty soft spot for little ones at weddings - especially when it's their parents standing at the altar! And of course the beautiful Belgenny Farm in Camden didn't disappoint either. My first time shooting there, it's awesome. I went along for a recce the day before and scoped out some fields next door for hopefully some awesome droning shots, but it wasn't to be. Locked gates. *sigh* All said and done though - it was still an amazing day had ...
Jason & Adriana Pier One Sydney
I'd been excited for Jason & Adriana's big day for a good while leading up to their big day... at none other than the prestigious Pier One in Sydney.  If you're not familiar - it's basically right next to the motherflippin' SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE...  With The Rocks, Circular Quay, Walsh Bay, and the Botanic Gardens all at our doorstep, we were absolutely spoilt for choice as to where to shoot what.  And sure enough, my favourite part of Sydney didn't disappoint. But as usual - the best part about the day wasn't the locations or the amazing venue.  It was the people.  It's always the people.  Jason & Adriana are properly loved up - and ...
Mason & Elyse Gunners Barracks
Mason & Elyse 's big day was back in June at the Gunners Barracks in Mosman. Or rather, their second big day was... They'd actually tied the knot back in Utah with their American friends - this was a celebration with the rest of their beautiful family in Sydney.  Usually before a wedding I like to get to know the couple beforehand, I don't love the idea of just rocking up on the day and clicking away.  Unfortunately, Mase & Elyse only arrived in Australia literally a couple of days leading up to the wedding, so there wasn't much choice. But we connected at their house the day before, shared a few laughs, a Creaming Soda (!) and I kn ...