Mike & Wendy. Preview.
Well, the big day finally came around on Saturday.  Heaven knows we've all been waiting patiently while Wendy's Facebook Wedding countdown keeps ticking over on our news feeds over the last few months. (I even spotted a new one for for first anniversary! *sigh*) Anyway, funny old day... The weather could've gone either way.  But the best thing was that the sun came out for the 15 minute ceremony.  And we hadn't seen it the whole day! Would've been nice for it to hang around a bit longer, but hey - better than not at all. Enjoy.  Awesome wedding.
Mike + Wendy. Desire.
A quick slideshow I made for Mike & Wendy's reception, from their Desire shoot.  It went down pretty well, as you can imagine. ;) The track I chose is "You Are My Joy" by The Reindeer Section.  Recognise the singer?  The Reindeer Section is a side project featuring the guy from Snow Patrol. Contact me if you'd like to have one made for you! :)  
A new baby for Bro!
Back in July, my main man, compadre, best mate, and partner in crime (not really Mum, just a figure of speech!) finally had his first baby.  As far as grandkids go in the Hannah family, there's my two kids, Jordan & Tayla - 12 & 9 years old, and... that's it.  So, as you can imagine, there's been more than a few hints dropped at my brother's house every time Mum & Dad visit.  So much so, he's had to invest in a decent broom to sweep them all up when they leave! Well finally, the wait is over.  It gives me great pleasure (and a fairly hefty amount of pride) to introduce Emilee Jane Hannah.  Gorgeous...