Andrew & Alex Parsons – Palm Beach


Meet Andrew and Alex. Together since school. Looking back at the days images, it’s fantastically obvious how much fun we all had. One thing about being a photographer – and therefore a total fly on the wall – for the day of the wedding, you get a fairly crazy view of the back story. Meet the family, get to know the stories, laugh along at the embarrassing speeches, even though in truth you don’t really actually know the characters. The Parsons & Volkers are a fun bunch, that’s for sure. There were SO many stories.

If while you’re looking through these you’re thinking, Alex looks like she’s had a great day… That’s ’cause she has.  We all did.  Great wedding.  Awesome couple.

Big thanks to my awesome friend Debra for the assist, she absolutely rocked it.

Press the play button below and enjoy. (and if you love it, share it!) 🙂



Mark Hearnden 03:02 March 19, 2014 Reply
RheannonLee FloralDesigns 04:10 March 19, 2014 Reply
WOW!!! Amazing pics you looked so stunning Alex. So glad you guys had a great night, looks like lots of fun : ) So honoured to be able to ceate your flowers for you both. Lots of love xxxx
Sarina Valentina 05:52 March 27, 2014 Reply
would you mind if I post this on twitter?
    Tim 06:34 March 27, 2014 Reply
    Sarina, I would LOVE you to do that! Dying for another shoot!! :)

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