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Carina – sports fashion
Something a bit different. Carina put the call out for a sports modelling shoot, and - as it turns out, we're practically neighbours! As in, she lives on the floor above me in my apartment building. Hoping we'll do a few more shoots. Maybe the building laundry next? ;)
Crashing Red.
*contacts, new message, Crashing Red...* "Hey Maria, doing anything this arvo? Checkout the weather, shoot? Balmoral at 4? :)" *send* Reply: Yep..! I <3 fashion photography!
Joe & Anastasia…
So the other day, I had the pleasure of another afternoon of fashion shooting with Crashing Red down at Balmoral Beach in Sydney. It's becoming customary for a quick game of tip at the end with Joseph & Anastasia.  This I love.