*contacts, new message, Crashing Red…* “Hey Maria, doing anything this arvo? Checkout the weather, shoot? Balmoral at 4? :)” *send*

Reply: Yep..!

I <3 fashion photography!


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For reasons I'd rather not go into, I've been using a lot of Public Transport lately... This is not actually a bad thing- I love people watching, as you know. Lately, my camera's been coming too... :)
Japan 2013
I took a little holiday to Japan a while ago. It's an incredible place, on so many levels.  The people, the culture, the food, all amazing. I love holidaying alone, it's almost like gaining another sense, because you're always so hyper-aware of everything going on around you - don't get me wrong, I can't wait to meet the right person to take with me and share all these new experiences - and talk about it all... But there's something about just getting lost in a completely new city, and taking it all in. My son has started saying "yolo" (you only live once, for the less savvy...) a lot at home, and when I'm on the other side of the world - al ...
My friend…
Meet Heather and her kids, Jayden & Latika.  Another person I'm truly fortunate to call a close friend.