A little while ago, I put a call out to try my hand at a shoot with a model. Got a message from a girl who was keen, but for one reason or another, had to cancel at the eleventh hour. My awesome friend Eloise from work offered to come out and assist me on the shoot. When the actual model cancelled, I asked Eloise if she’d ever thought of having a crack at modelling herself.  Her reply was a pretty bashful but polite “I’ll have a think about it”, to which she replied a few days later, “yeah, ok… What do I do?!?!”

A day or so later… This happened. 🙂

Big thanks to my friend Jdub for the assist on the day! x



Jen Waltmon 09:26 September 19, 2013 Reply
It was a fun shoot. Glad I could help out on this one :)
    unclextacy 09:51 September 19, 2013 Reply
    Ooooh yes! Forgot to mention that! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!
Eloise Davison 10:11 January 19, 2017 Reply
Such a fun day with you two! Thanks again Tim, You know I love your work <3 xx :)

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