So the other day, I had the pleasure of another afternoon of fashion shooting with Crashing Red down at Balmoral Beach in Sydney.
It’s becoming customary for a quick game of tip at the end with Joseph & Anastasia.  This I love.


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Vivid 2013, Sydney
Mmmm, I love Vivid so much. I love watching everyone taking it all in, the colours, the lights, sitting around the Opera House, watching the sails sparkle. Not a bad place for a first date too, I can attest. ;)
Mike + Wendy. Desire.
A quick slideshow I made for Mike & Wendy's reception, from their Desire shoot.  It went down pretty well, as you can imagine. ;) The track I chose is "You Are My Joy" by The Reindeer Section.  Recognise the singer?  The Reindeer Section is a side project featuring the guy from Snow Patrol. Contact me if you'd like to have one made for you! :)  
Woodford Folk Festival, 2011
Found some old shots of my day at the Woodford Folk Festival in 2011. DEFINITELY heading back there in 2014, top day. :)