Unconditional love…


My boss & his partner brought their brand new twins into work yesterday.  Congratulations Andrew & Effie, they’re crazy cute… 🙂


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A new baby for Bro!
Back in July, my main man, compadre, best mate, and partner in crime (not really Mum, just a figure of speech!) finally had his first baby.  As far as grandkids go in the Hannah family, there's my two kids, Jordan & Tayla - 12 & 9 years old, and... that's it.  So, as you can imagine, there's been more than a few hints dropped at my brother's house every time Mum & Dad visit.  So much so, he's had to invest in a decent broom to sweep them all up when they leave! Well finally, the wait is over.  It gives me great pleasure (and a fairly hefty amount of pride) to introduce Emilee Jane Hannah.  Gorgeous...
For reasons I'd rather not go into, I've been using a lot of Public Transport lately... This is not actually a bad thing- I love people watching, as you know. Lately, my camera's been coming too... :)
Woodford Folk Festival, 2011
Found some old shots of my day at the Woodford Folk Festival in 2011. DEFINITELY heading back there in 2014, top day. :)