Mark & Rach


Mark & Rach’s wedding in Long Jetty.  It was a great day – despite some pretty average weather.  I was second shooter on this one – here’s some of what I got… Just happy to be shooting at all to be honest, I’m loving it!  Weddings rock. 🙂


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Ash & Rheannon Engagement Session
Let me tell you about Ash & Rhe. Ash, a mild-mannered tradie from the UK, and Rhe, a gorgeous, bubbly florist from Coogee.  I met Rheannon through a previous wedding she did the flowers for.  As it turns out, I work with two of her brothers at Channel 9 - all completely by coincidence. (it's a small world folks!)  Knowing how awesome her brothers are already - shooting her wedding is gonna be a blast.  A higher quality collection of human beings, you won't find. Rhe called me up to book her wedding for December this year, and started by saying she's going *all out* for the floral aspect of her big day. It's fair to say I'm absolutely pu ...
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You'll love these two. I've known Eloise for ages through working at Channel 9, where we've become good friends.  We've shot together before too, so as you'll see, she's no slouch in front of the camera. (search the fashion category...) When I caught up with these guys, we decided to head out to The Stables in Randwick. SUCH a beautiful spot - they've booked it for their wedding reception in March. It's SO romantic. And these guys will bring the romance as you'll see below...!  
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When Jess & Paul got in touch with me to shoot their beautiful day in Camden, I knew this was gonna be something extra special. They've got a gorgeous little 2 year old boy, and well, I've got an almighty soft spot for little ones at weddings - especially when it's their parents standing at the altar! And of course the beautiful Belgenny Farm in Camden didn't disappoint either. My first time shooting there, it's awesome. I went along for a recce the day before and scoped out some fields next door for hopefully some awesome droning shots, but it wasn't to be. Locked gates. *sigh* All said and done though - it was still an amazing day had ...